Why Do the People Choose to Play Extreme Sports?

        In this modern world, sport is not only about classical movement such as jogging, stretching, or playing with the ball and even sport has been more universal. Numerous sports activity which offer distinctive sensation to the player like extreme sport which categorized as extreme activities. Why do the people choose to play extreme sport which hazardous their life?

Extreme Activity
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        Nowadays, extreme sports are sufficient populer among the public such as wall-climbing, hang-gliding, rafting, motocross, diving, and others. These kind of activities are regarded able to test the human adrenaline, self-challenging, and build sense of bold. For instance, mount climbing as a danger sport activity has been populer for several decades. Notwithstanding danger, the mount climber commonly feels a self-satisfaction after success in counquer the top side of mountain and sometimes they have overlooked the danger zone. Extreme activities have been a commodity for several last decades to get source of revenue, some businessman hold this as a good opportunity for long-term business. Interestingly, some travel agents in the world obtain more income by the hiking activity and they usualy create several striking mount expeditions annually like Everest or Alpen expedition. Furthermore, extreme sports could be did by anyone devoid questioning the gender. Meanwhile, there are many extreme sports which competed in this world such as wall-climbing, motocross, and paragliding which include in Asian Games, Olympic, and any other professional events. Besides to test the adrenaline, doing the extreme sport is believed able to reduce stress-level, produce any positive energy, and grab the highest achievement in the competition.

Extreme Sports
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        On projection, trend of extreme sport will dramatically escalate in future because of human creativity and their desire to attempt something new. Some countries around Asia continent will be the best option for the people to do some extreme sports such as mount-cycling, mountain climbing, paragliding, and diving because of geographical characteristic, which owned by each countries in Asia, is quirky. Indonesia becomes the favourite place for hiking activity because of hundreds mountain spread out in all island. Filipina and Thailand become the suit place for diving activitie due to its enrich of reef and clear ocean. Meanhile, some countries around middle-east are good for Jeep and motocross activitites. This situation could be harnessed by the local government to attract interest of international tourist to visit their country and then they will obtain another foreign exchange from extreme acitivity. Therefor, extreme activity is a another option to get various good impacts in life.

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